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192 C by Viv Campbell

Anyone into refreshing vigorous illustration will love Viv Campbell’s confident, youthful style injected with intense levels of positive emotions and detail. As well as being an excellent observant draughtswoman, Viv is an illustrator specializing in editorial illustration and advertising. She graduated as a Computer Systems Engineer from the Polytechnic University and as a Fashion Designer at the Academy of Art and Design, both in Valencia, Spain. Viv is passionate about the sustainable fashion, telling fun joyful stories and most of all illustrating children’s books. She funnily sees her art as little visual pills for the permeables brains of future generations.


In a boiling space saturated with sulfides and other toxic substances, human beings will adapt the properties and components of our cells to keep us stable and united with the environment. We will be magenta, floating and empathic. We will connect deeply with our feelings and this will be our greatest and most powerful form of resistance!

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