#384 Life Flow - JXRDI

Life flow by Jxrdi

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Jordi Alcaraz, A.K.A. "Jxrdi", is an aspiring concept and environment artist who comes from Granollers, Spain. He discovered the passion for arts and graffiti when he was a kid although did not dedicate himself professionally to what he loves to do most until 2018. Obsessed with outer space and futuristic compositions, the vibrant works of Jxrdi immerse the viewer in three-dimensional, surrealist collages saturated in a variety of bold and shimmering colors. A unique blend of personal philosophy and universal ideas offers beautiful insight into the future of Metaverse.


From the clouds to the oceans, from life to death, from abstract to psychedelic, the morning breeze fills every corner of this world. It is radiation. These are forces of the cosmos. It is all about exploring beyond our thoughts, pushing them and breaking all the limits until we flow in tune with life.

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