The Organic Self by Julia Archire

Scotland-based artist, Julia Archire or Rejuless is a versatile designer and illustrator, working primarily in the fields of branding, advertising and editorial illustration. With a professional background rooted in design and management, she recently pivoted from the corporate environment towards more creatively enriching endeavours, with illustration being one of her early passions. She loves creating artworks that are concept-driven and have an emotional impact, either inspired by nature, everyday food and random people. Her personal projects are either surreal atmospheric imagery or portraits or both. Her portraits are often described as dreamy and intense with distinctive facial features. When she’s not scribbling on her iPad or crafting logos, she is either exploring and photographing random plants in the botanic garden or dabbling in the kitchen sector trying out cake recipes.


The three instances of self, all wrapped in an organic membrane, encourage you to shake away the past days, to shake away the fabricated memories, the modern reimagined, the curated, the straight lines and allow yourself to become the present, to be constantly reborn in the now, every second aware and anew. 
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