Candy Funk by Tanya Kar

Tanya Kar is an independent graphic designer from India, and is based in Georgia, United States. She’s currently pursuing her masters in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and has 5+ years of work experience in the industry. Being a self-confessed glutton, projects involving food make her ecstatic, and often finding inspiration in the simplicity and the mundane, Tanya lets a riot of colours take over. She strives to provide comfort and happiness through her work and wants to focus on bringing about representation in the creative industry and the society at large, creating an inclusive, diverse environment which celebrates people over everything else. Fascinated by the endless possibilities of the three dimensional world, today she brings on board this outstanding token.


A vibrant alternative universe, here the imagination precedes logic and heart trumps the mind. The amalgamation of textures and colors. A surreal candyland-like environment. Do you dare to come over and get lost?
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