Sailor Doom by Ismael González

Ismael González who works under pseudonym Gonzais is a Spain-based visual development artist who specializes in portraiture and character design. Based in Granada, where he gained his Master's Degree in Drawing and Illustration, he uses his skills to create portraits of cartoon female characters in a style that echoes anime and dear old Disney movies. Ismael's interests are mainly focused on the animation industry and dreams of joining an animation studio as a concept artist. Ismael excels at the harmonic tones and balanced composition of his work - through simple lines, plain tones and inspirations from all around he transforms each of his cartoon drawings with a distinct style of his own.


Have you ever fallen in love with the moon? For real? Because it comes and goes, it comes and goes, for this you will be able to recognize it. Because she loves you. Sometimes full. Sometimes empty.
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