Rail by Silustra

Silustra is the creator of familiar spaces, but with a new vision, where there is a new logic, a new imaginary world, with reminiscences of our reality. Draftsman, engraver and painter graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Silustra creates meticulously detailed digital illustrations, as well as paints large-scale images, a bridge between illustration and mural painting. Her art is built on geometric, organic figures, natural and artificial, those of solid colors which dialogue with the typography and graph. Her skill is so developed that she gained an enthusiastic following by editorials and commercial projects that crosses national boundaries. Silustra is always eager to support with her art vegan brands and cruelty free campaigns.


Whenever I go to work I always think about traveling. And when I am traveling what happens is that I give thanks for not working and then I think about working. Tomorrow I am going to Tokyo, and you? Where do you work?
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