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Saturnino eats a cake by Juan PNG

Juan PNG is a 30 year old visual artist old born in the south of Argentina. His beginnings in digital illustration go back to a very early age and come with a use of a Microsoft's Paint program. The drawings that characterize Juan's work are based on reversals of pictorial works by well-known artists, on illustrations in parallel perspective and also on nature, especially zoological species. Juan likes to work with brushes that mimic the crayon and with a vivid color palette that refers to the 80's. His best artistic aspiration for the future is to illustrate a Best Seller.


Saturnino is an old God, banished from Olympus. He is now a peasant and lives on a farm in the outskirts of Seville. He gets up at 5:00 am to prepare a cake for his breakfast. It is almost like an obsession. He has a small oven where he makes breads of all kinds and flavors with his favorite one being a sesame bread. What nobody knows is that he has problems with sleepwalking and at night he bakes and then he does not remember that. One night while some teenage thieves tried to steal his savings under the mattress, they were astonished to see Saturnino eating a cake that he made in a shape of a doll, stuffed with a wild blackberry jelly. They could not resist and took a picture of him.
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