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Escaping The Heatwave by KREDO

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, KREDO is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. A big fascination with outer space, other planets and the creatures that might inhabit them leaded KREDO to introduce them in her bright artistic work. Exploring the psychedelic aesthetic of the cosmos, she creates the surreal landscapes filled with weird dreamlike charismatic characters. In love with illustration and feeling the need to give even more life to her imagination, she recently started doing animation, inspired by movies such as Fantastic Planet, Fantasia, Alice in wonderland and Studio Ghibli. KREDO’s style is defined by the combination of both elements of reality, such as nature, with elements of her imagination, creating unique images with vibrant color palettes and a lot of details to get lost in. A perfect fit for the unique journey to space!


How on Earth can I escape from the heatwave that is taking over the planet? My fan is all seeing and all knowing, casting its gaze out over the globe, it is the awareness about the world we live in.
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