Constellations Of Imaginary Animals by Lourdes Laó

Barcelona-born and based, Lourdes Laó finds her inspiration in nature, femininity and symbolism. She has always been interested in editorial illustration, although her professional career has been unfolding in the field of textile graphic design for a few years. Her favorite techniques are pencil, drawing and acrylic painting. Although due to the type of work in which she has specialized which is a children’s pattern design, she feels very much comfortable using more digital techniques. Recently she has discovered the art of ceramics and she likes to apply her own designs and her illustrations decoratively on her ceramic pieces. And over the surface of the Moon.


The imaginary animals swim in the stars as if they were constellations. Each one has its enigmas and metaphors. There is tenderness and optimism for movement. The bear contains a cub to which it will give life. He feels alive too!

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