Poor Connection by Cinta Villalobos

Cinta Villalobos was born in Santander and studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. She has always had a particular interest in books, even better if they were illustrated and filled with comics. Cinta vehemently longed to build a career in editorial environment, and so she did. She obtained her postgraduate training in Editorial Graphic Design at Elisava and in Creative Illustration at Eina (both in Barcelona) and got published multiple children's books, both in Spain and abroad. Although most of the time she has collaborated with other authors, she has also published a book where she was the full author. Congratulations, Cinta! And congratulations with your tender, quirky and inherently expressive art!


Has anyone felt bad lately? It is a question I rarely ask. Guys, I have a big problem! I have no judgment. Help! These are normal things that happen...
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