Last Chance by David Durà

David Durà knows better than anyone to evoke in the viewer curiosity and seduce by sensual gazes of his beautiful protagonists hided by the deep shadows. Motion designer and computer graphics artist, David is based in The Netherlands. He fall in love with animation while studying design in Barcelona. Animation allowed him explore new worlds and techniques, focusing on light, color and composition. The holographic projections of female characters, more cyborgs than real women transport us into a reality that is not so far from ours, made of neon dreams. For the Crypto Corpse #2 not only he creates a unique poetic language and situates the viewer halfway between cyber world and a human one in this super token, but defines the color scheme of the whole Venus journey. Thank you, David!


I will only ask once, James. Where is it? - She asked. Pris had just been rebuilt, and she was pissed. I had no idea she could tap into all the electronics from my house. She should not be able to do that. I was scared... I wish I had not put that artificial heart with that money.

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