Time Waits For No Man - Allan Deas

With over 20 years experience in the design industry Allan Deas has produced an impressive array of work. Originally fron Scotland Allan is inspired by many things such as travel, music, art, old posters, vintage packaging & stamps, books & TV shows of his childhood in the 70s & 80s he is always collecting inspiration for future projects. Allan’s authentic illustration style sees retro and current influence twist together in a cocktail of colourful detail, charming characters, rich storytelling and a quirky sense of humour which bring his work to life in a way that’s hard not to bring a smile to the viewer’s face! Previously based in design centric capitals London & Paris, Allan currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. His commercial clients have included the likes of Twinings, Vodafone, Louis Vuitton, Virgin, Grazia, National Geographic, Ted Baker, Lufthansa Airlines, The Telegraph, Waitrose, Karl Lagerfeld and The Guardian. Allan has also exhibited his personal work in capitals around the globe and has had his work featured in many established design books.


We always want to make time stand still, travel forward or backwards and even into other dimensions. We always search for more knowledge and have contro over it. If I could travel in time I would choose to go to the roaring 1920’s perhaps to one of Gatsby’s famed parties. Let me open you from there a happy portal into the unknown future!
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