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Cyber-Loneliness by Hinode

Amandine Poupet AKA "Hinode" finds herself in Brussels, working as a an art director, motion designer and illustrator. She graduated in Graphic Design in France, her home country. Inspired by the darker side of fairy tales and folk lore, Hinode creates otherworldly characters that exist in vast and intricate landscapes, often juxtaposing dark subject matter with bright and uplifting colour schemes with a bit of melancholy. Hinode’s work is created mostly digitally and explores the mystery of eyes, bleeding faults, mountain landscapes and gobelins. When she is not drawing, Amandine loves to settle down with a good podcast, and loves Surrealists, trees, making up stories and cats.


The whole thing is linked to a vicious circle which we are all part of. The way we create, share and react on the Internet and social media quickly gets out of hand. We are completely powered by these harmful connections but still floating and unaware. Damaged by the addiction, our consciousness is yet smilling.
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