Tethered by Ismail Amir

Ismail Amir is a 3D and Motion Designer from Malaysia. He began his journey into 3D art in 2017 by doing daily renders for a year and has been posting regularly ever since. He draws inspiration from pop culture and video games and his work revolves around sci-fi in general. He imagines a future where robots will co-exist with humans. In his works, he portrays robots doing human tasks such as being a delivery drone or a security drone. He also likes to experiment with scale and combine it with his love for miniature aesthetics, which is why he always goes for long focal lengths. When he is not in front of the computer, he is working on painting model kits and travelling to space.


She watches her breath in the ancient light hardly wagering in the cold calm air. It is a damp smoke between her and the distant stars that nobody else sees. The stars jump at her eyes. The view is warped and distorted. You thought at first it was a rain? This does not happen nowadays. Go and charge her batteries.
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