Blue Bot by Yeganeh Aubi

Yeganeh Aubi is the youngest artist on board to Venus. Born in 1998 in Iran-Hamedan, she studied computer engineering at Bu-Ali Sina University in Hamadan and worked in a programming company as a UI/UX designer, when she discovered that the second best thing after design is the digital painting and 3D modeling. One of her long-term goals is to become proficient enough to compete with great artists around the world and beyong the Milky Way galaxy. Inspired by a daily life, Yeganeh Aubi’s images are mixed media odes to the unpredictable, cluttered joys of the world around her.


For her birthday I gave her a robot to take her to the Moon. She denied by saying that she prefers Saturn. She has been to Japan, South Korea, Paris and Africa. But she never tried those moon-cake ice-creams and does not know how comfortable the beds are on rocket board.
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