Salome 2607 by Joan León

Born in Girona, Joan León studied Architecture in Barcelona where he discovered his passion for sketchbook drawing. Outdoor and travel illustrator, his interest is to catch the magic of the world in his notebooks, some of which have already been published (latest "Illustrating South America"). Joan's work is lively, engaging and deeply painterly. In his sketchbooks there are watercolors, colored pencils, gouache and inks. In his digital work his bold compositions are formed by an exciting mix of geometry and colour. Currently Joan León combines illustration with teaching. We are delighted that Joan León joined us on Mars voyage with his amazing skillset and fresh perspective.


I found in space the painting by Caravaggio dated with 1607 and I remembered the story from the past which keeps repeating into the future. Dear beautiful Salome danced for Herod and he was fascinated. He told her to ask for anything she would like and she asked, advised by her mother, the head of Saint John Baptist! Here is the treat!
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