It’s Time That IS Slowly Killing Us by Miguel Oncinos

Born and raised in Barcelona, Miguel studied Visual Arts in Llotja Academy of Arts and worked in Graphic Design for many years. Miguel’s characters represent the feeling of loliness of the human being and address fears and unsecurities and detachment. Specializing in 2D hand-drawn illustration in black and white, Miguel creates a body of work which is intuitive, process-based, and sensorial, emphasizing the idea of distance emotionally and physically. He uses drawing as a means to express moments of self-reflection which contain a huge source of inspiration. Miguel is keen on creating worlds with the focus on interior and on the minute details of everyday life, capturing a larger truth about human nature.


The left eye are concentric circles reflecting introspection towards my deeper inside. The right eye, is a spiral that opens from the deepest to the outside, to show the whole trip to the essence. In Hades the Superego has met the It. On stage they have started a dialogue about their expectations about the reality.

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