323 OT BOLTÀ ✅


Strange symphony by Ot Boltà

Ot Boltà, born in Olesa de Montserrat in 2004, is passionate about plastic arts. His versatile and experimental style is highly influenced by such artists as Egon Schiele, Joaquim Mir, Helene Schjerfbeck and Pep Montoya among others. The artistic education he received since his childhood allowed him to win different national drawing competitions. Since he has always experienced a great fascination for nature which finds the central place in his work. Exploring the world of human anatomy and plants portraiting the periphery, Ot introduces undefined volumes and abstracted shapes of the lifeless leaves and sets of figures that fluctuate, constantly seaching for the musical movement, and situates them at the limit of the life and death, reality and fiction.


She made the final test and the doctor said that she would better go somewhere else. The blood rust generally filled her mouth and nose, ran from the ears, the fingernails in less than a minute. This would take several weeks to kill her. The only cure was shoving her in a rocket and shooting her out to exile on Mars. Will she ever be happy alone, but healthy?

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