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King Of The Fortune Bringers by Shohei Emura

A bright talent on the international illustration scene, India-based artist Shohei Emura over the years has built a reputation for himself creating clear, colorful imagery with a sense of fun about it. Shohei Emura is a Japanese comicbook illustrator, Indian traditional bard culture researcher and writer who has been publishing comics books, picture books and mural works. Interesting intersaction between the cultural backgrounds and passion for manga and comics lead Shohei Emura multiple editorial projects. A master at producing delicate illustrations that are as lovely as they are direct, Shohei created a "KOS" comics book which has been nominated for the best comics award at Comicon India. His favorite dream is to publish the manga version of the Mahabharata.


These are gigantic sized lucky items built to defend the countries from dominators. The luck power contained is amplified by a fortune booster. It sometimes gets overflown by glitch which can cause those lucky items to lose their control. When such an accident happens, the battle of gigantic lucky items begins!

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