North Star by Radix

Radix is a psedonim of Rob Dixon, a generative artist, game designer, software developer, and writer. In the past Radix has created math models for casino slot machines and written technical books and a few science fiction stories. Passionate about art deco, pop art and sci-fi, Radix has been creating digital artwork since the days of Flash and currently makes Metaverse games for Decentraland with the team at Wonderzone Games. Released on ArtBlocks, his recent generative art projects became the exploration of composition with a use of simple shapes and minimalistic layout rules. Each image spins hash-driven colors, shapes, and symmetries into infinity. Shapes and forma fly through the spirals as they morph between beauty and madness. Truly evicative token!


Colorful and ever-expanding star invokes thoughts of inspiration and growth. We have boxed ourselves into a corner on a home planet that we are slowly destroying. We need inspiration and new ideas that can see beyond politics. Red pill or red planet, we need to expand our horizons to you to survive.

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