#382 Quantum Reef - ADRIAN ALVA

Quantum Reef by Adrian Alva

As well as being of the highest and most unique quality, Adrian Alva’s portfolio is a fizzing, glowing party bag of astonishing draftsmanship. Mexico City born and based, Adrian Alva is an art director, motion graphics artist & curator. With a large background in architecture and film, Adrian has been developing his career with both commercial and personal projects. In Barcelona he worked in film and art direction and created The Jellyfish Act, a 10+ years blog dedicated to motion design, his true passion. Back in Mexico he co-founded Local de Arte, an indie art gallery, school, and coworking. Adrian keeps himself up to date with the constantly evolving world of NFTs, he creates a community NFT MŽxico and today proudly joins NFT to stay mission to Jupiter!


Contemplative and nostalgic, lets warn and remember the beauty of the water -
cleaning animals home for a quarter of all marine species.

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