#89 La Purrias

Your Mother & Me: Choose Your Fighter! by La Purrias

La Purrias' work is instantly recognisable for her simple yet subtle style and razor-sharp humour. La Purrias is interested in aesthetics outside the norm as well as the mysterious situations shown through pink lenses. Glamorous characters, fashionable objects, provocative gazes, La Purrias specialises in making initially innocent images which convey charm, dark and paradox. La Purrias tackles drawing techniques both traditional and digital and the latter becomes the stage in which she explores the 2D animation. A graduat at Audiovisual Communication in the University of Madrid, La Purrias combines illustration with making short films and unites both passions by entering the world of stop motion animation.


From time to time I think of your mom. I want to be like her. I want to treat you like she does. Why do everyone cough when the film ends with a kiss?
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