Ethershed by Jordi Gandul

Revelling in shape, texture and sense of humour, Jordi Gandul manifests in his stunning work that art should never be boring. He has been around crafting a large-scale art since he was 13. At 18 Jordi discovered his passion for the graphic design and digital illustration, both worlds he is continuing to explore with delight. Working as a freelance mostly on comissioned logos, illustrations and producing art prints, he seeks to develop elegantly engaging visuals influenced by typography, urban art, skate, music, food and good beer. Jordi Gandul is based in Tarragona, Spain and this influence shows in his warm and vibrant use of colour, describing the Mediterranean climate of his home country so well.


I have been walking for ages, this loneliness is killing me… Weird, empty space where kerosene and dissolvent smell strong - this is the place I have reached obliterated. Could this be a dream? I guess I will have to make this Oasis my new home, whether I want it or not.
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