Money World by Meravellcrea

Meravellcrea got trained and works in Illustration, nevertheless she prefers to see herself as a cartoonist. Her extravagant style is fresh, full to the brim with dark colours and charismatic obscure characters. Sharp lines and black masses give intensity to her work and narrate stories on diverse topics such as sex, science fiction, nudes, deformations, trash, death, human and animal cruelty. Ultimately, Meravellcrea's works represent the degradation of lands in their splendor. The artist persues to draw as many existing objects as possible and expand her art expression beyond disjointed images through the comic and video art. Keep an eye on Meravellcrea's work since she is releasing her first book in August, 2021!



In the market of life, animals, we are in the cage. People are in the cage. The mutants exhibit us. They decide who is the most suitable to be sold or bought according to their agony, according to their crisis, according to their neurosis that is their value. The animal value of its very own neurosis. That is the New Capitalism.
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