#160 BASE

Fancy Pirate by Juan Carlos Base

From a young age Juan Carlos Base has liked to tell stories through his illustrations and take them to decorative murals for both individuals and companies. After graduating, he enters the world of motion graphics where, through animation, he brings to life both his ideas and those of his clients. Over the years Juan Carlos has worked as a designer for large brands such as Norwegian, Easyjet, Unicef, Facebook, as well as for international design studios. His artistic self is passionate about creating portraits and he never misses a chance to adorn his characters with lettering and calligraphy. Being in a constant evolution, Juan Carlos spends a lot of time experimenting by taking his designs to the wood, jewelry, spray-painted murals and today to the surface of the Moon.


It is a perfect summer sunset. The seas, the oceans, who is there now? If there were pirates today, what would they be like? Would they post their adventures on Instagram?

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