#189 Finite by ANNA DART - The Possibility of Art Futures by Jehan Chu, Social Alpha Foundation

Exploring time, space, energy, consciousness and all being through undulating flows of colors, Anna Dart creates sensual works which activate the imaginary and strike you with magnetic characters searching for a better universal human connection with sense of purpose, light and excellence. Promoting the convergence of art and technological innovations as a means to further the development of digital humanism, she manipulates her physical artworks using advanced digital techniques. Interested in cross-pollinating disciplines of visual, performing arts and science even further, Anna undertook her studies in drama and choreography in the city of Barcelona. ICOM member, Anna Dart mostly studied art by visiting museums around the globe. Anna promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health taking part in multiple international charity projects. Anna Dart is the co-founder of “NFT to stay '' global mission and today leads Exquisite Workers' growth in Metaverse. 


With a deep magnetism, light and brilliance, Exquisite Workers’ co-pilot, Anna Dart brings color to the letter to the future by Jehan Chu, co-founder of Social Alpha Foundation, who explores the role of art of the future in the face of improved output and productivity. If you wish to unlock this mysterious prediction, hit that button to place your bid! Lets celebrate together the Earth, conscious Metaverse, education and honest journalism of BeInCrypto who celebrates its 3rd anniversary!
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