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First Contact by Joan Planells 

Joan Sebastià Planells Feliu de Cabrera was born in the city of La Palma in 1989 and now resides in Alaró, Mallorca, Spain. Originally a sound technician, Joan spent around ten years in the music industry before switching disciplines to focus on illustrative work during the pandemic. His experience allowed him to develop a unique style of illustration, centering around quirky characters who live in their own universe full of music. Thanks to his previous experience as a musician and technician with various bands on the Balearic music scene, he is currently developing several comic and illustration projects and it is all about sound and the stage. Joan enjoys telling subtle stories, weaving narratives into his imagery with contrasting ink palettes and the bright lightning that has become his signature style.


A half-human or a half-machine, she is produced in a digital liquid splash. She is organic, she is alive, what an astonishing pleasure to connect to the network for the first time!

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