Girls, things to do by Gemma Quevedo

Having learnt her craft of drawing, painting, screen printing and ceramics in famous La Llotja Art and Design Academy and Eina Art School in Barcelona, Gemma Quevedo set up a studio in her native city, called Black Pretzel, which currently produces hand-printed t-shirts, fanzines and pins and in future self designed dolls. A constant string of exhibitions and local art-fairs pushes her technique further. In her most recent intimate comic series she brings to life a woman character and a cat who explores the topic on sensory processing sensitivity (HS). In her digital work Gemma creates boldly visual imagery over the plain moderate backgrounds which mainly focuses on daily life on Earth and cosmic journeys. Today Gemma has reached Mercury with the female protagonists of her digital stories.


The future, the past, the reality and the fiction intertwine. We do not know very well where we are going or who we are, but we have learned not to think about it and focus on distractions. The important thing is not what will happen in 20 years, but in the next 20 minutes. Survive, be at the level of expectations, don't give it too much thought and feed the cat.
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