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Farewell by Lui Mort

Lui Mort was born in Bahía Blanca, Argentina in a winter of early 80's. He studied philosophy but never finished his degree. Lui is very much interested in exploring human feelings, especially the loneliness, a product of existential emptiness and lack of course in the post-capitalist world. His greatest influences come from the world of comics and cartoons, mainly from Schulz, Quino, Sempe, Rafael Sica among others. In love with all things analog, he refuses to draw his works in digital always using paper and ink. Over the last years, Lui Mort has been publishing his drawings in various media such as fanzines, magazines, books and online which gained him a substantial following. Currently he is passionately working on the collaborative graphic novel about the fictionalization of oneself in the age of social networks. When Lui is not drawing, he loves walking aimlessly, watching movies, reading poetry and learning about the subcultures of all kinds.


This irrepressible desire for evasion that they have inoculated into our deepest selves - what will be its limit? Or at all case, is the last vision allowed to us to decide upon?

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