Dancing demons by Apoorva Lalit

After studying Architecture, Apoorva Lalit found her way into visual design and went on to graduate in Visual Communication from The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay consistently ranked as one of India's leading universities. From writing and illustrating children's books to making animated music videos for Indie musicians, Apoorva loves to explore various mediums of storytelling. Her art stems from the stories and fiction she comes across. She enjoys observing her surroundings and people which deeply inspire her. Her fondness for nature and simple joys of life can be seen in her artworks. Lalit’s poetic illustrations include portraits with intense gazes, fauna and flora on the Earth represented with an air of mystery as well as extravagant creatures from space with a touch of humor. When not designing, you can find her cozied up in some corner with a book and a cup of tea. Today she aspires to become a full-time book designer and illustrate her journey to the Moon.


Welcome to the Aliens’ techno music party! Who are really aliens in here? You, locked inside of your house and me, in a parallel universe having a blast.
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