Barceloneta 3000 by Sergio Dosal

Sergio Dosal was born in 1996 in Langreo, Asturias. Although he draws, paints and illustrates throughout his life, it was not until 2014 that he considered it as job. After finishing his studies of Dramatic art, he moved to London to direct various plays. In 2020 he returns to Spain and begins to share the drawings that he has been doing all his life. In Barcelona he has had the opportunity to illustrate marketing campaigns for Pull & Bear, Filmin, L’Oréal, among others. His work stands out for the monumentality of the figures and vivid colors, taking as references Evaristo Valle, Botero or David Hockney. Sergio Dosal's illustrations live in a disproportionate yet harmonious universe where everything brims with humor and naive air. In his works we find characters of all kinds who enjoy the mundane pleasures like nudism, food, or time with oneself.


The beach is a hedonistic place, consumable and instagrammable. Incredibly warm sea, narrow spaces, “Aguacocacolafantamojito”. What would the space tourism be like in the Mediterranean? Two aliens taking… the Sun? while reading a magazine or taking a
selfie. Classic Barceloneta guiri from the future, including the “sunburn”.
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