212 LOUDORE - spirit


Divagation by Loudore

Trained in Graphic Design and Digital Illustration in France, Loudore is passionate about the legends and tales of her childhood and driven by the desire to revive the creative magic of our childish souls. Loudore creates otherworldly characters that exist in vast and intricate landscapes, exploring the subject matter with bright and uplifting colour schemes making her work bold and inspiring, and reminding us to be open minded and kind. With a love for traveling and exploring, Loudore also got trained in sculpture and marquetry in Italy. Multidisciplinary at heart, it is with her tender drawings she seeks to celebrate life, while telling a her own stories and memories. Following the "good mood" culture, she advocates the benevolence of oneself and the art free from any complexity and at the service of the fantasy. When she is not drawing, Loudore loves to settle down in a quiet, admiring trees and animals.


During this short wander that life has to offer, before merging into the vastness of the cosmos or being reborn, fly as a butterfly, shrouded by sunray’s warmth, dancing to the rhythm of the wind among tender young shoots. The journey begins!
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