#294 Game Over by Natàlia Juan Abelló

Born in Barcelona and based in the North West of England, Natàlia Juan Abelló creates the exceptional work that revolves around childrens illustration: whether it’s stationery, printed textiles or picture books. Full to the brim with dreamy scenery inhabited by playful characters with big eyes and large cute faces, there is magic everywhere you look. Drawing and creating colour palettes are favorite parts of Natàlia's creative process. She grew up with a fascination for anime and manga, and also loving picture books and toys with anthropomorphic animals. Her inspiration also comes from her own life and surroundings: nature and moments of joy in the everyday. With the heart and sould that Natàlia dedicates to every detail in each piece, she forms the Long Way Home unique token from the deep of Mars.


I wake up at 4am from dreaming I am falling off a cliff into nothingness. The annoying neighbours from the upstairs have their repetitive music on again. I cannot quite remember falling asleep, but my console is still in my hands. This needs to stop; my body feels heavy and my movements stiff. I need to let some air in…
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