Aiglatson by Vida Foruzan

Iran-native Vida Foruzan creates pixelated illustrations infused with geometric shapes and gleeful characters. She started her career with UI/UX design and slowly shifted her way more toward fine-art, digital art and 3D design which was her favorite subject from childhood days. Now she tries almost every type of visual arts, constantly stretching over categories and learning more each day. New methods bring unforeseen slips, and eventually happy accidents and that makes Vida’s work so special. Music and vintage things have always been her big inspiration and a heal for her daily life and she likes to bring them into her visuals as much as she can. Vida believes that beauty and art can be found everywhere in the world and they are waiting to be made and shared. Today on Venus!


It was a small victory against the past, a little game, a gesture on a lesser board, a blow against the elements and the gods. Are you offended? The machine’s voice trailed off. No, I just have my own little secrets.

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