See you in space by Juana De Marco

Born in Buenos Aires in 1991, Juana de Marco has enjoyed drawing since she was a kid. She studied Graphic design at the University FADU and 2D Animation at the Da Vinci Academy, both in her home city. At the age of 21 she got the chance to work as a storyboardist in Plenty, a distinguished motion studio where she discovered the motion graphic world and fell in love with it. A few years later she becomes a proud art director and as an illustrator specializes in character design. With a great love for all urban and the pop culture, she ventured into the creative projects with such major clients as MTV, Nickelodeon, Shell Oil Company, and more. A fan of psychedelic art, cyberpunk aesthetics and dystopian stories, Juana is keen on experimenting with textures, colors and character styles.


The amphibian girl-android comes from another galaxy and is willing for love. If the moon smiled, it would resemble her. She leaves the same impression of something beautiful yet annihilating.

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