228 BLACK TOWER - Sour


Dan Montgaue, AKA "Black Tower" is a Zimbabwean born British-Canadian multidisciplinary artist. From a young age he pursued artistic endeavours and those later led him to a focus on tattooing as well as painting and drawing. He attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada and upon graduating expanded to other continents, tattooing and making art all over North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Inspired by all of these cultures and different creative influences, his work blends the traditional with the contemporary. Informed by mythology, esoteric elements and nature, his exploration of black and grey tattooing and art creation implement a subversive use of traditional tattoo elements and iconography. This blending of different influences and techniques results in a unique and definable body of works that is ever growing and evolving.


Sentient being with stag-like features, herald from the Ether. Uncoupled from time and space, decentralised decadence, reaching new citrus dimensions.

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