256 GREE - fuzzy


Space Fuzzycat by Gree

After graduating with Design and Visual Communication Degree in Mexico, Greece Zamora Gonzalez, AKA "Gree" rolled straight into a successful career in design, advertising and finally in a videogame industry. It was in the video games studio when she realized that what she is most passionate about is illustration, drawing and concept art. Her delicate digital works really do take whimsical illustration to another realm. Gree let herself be inspired by her day to day, the things that she lives and feels, her plants, her personal items, things she heard or saw, full of magic, there is nature, space and adventures, exciting and transmitting peace, the whole personal world of Gree is there.


Although we all have an idea what the outer space looks like, you have not really had a chance to discover it with your own eyes. Although we heard some many stories of Schrödinger's cat, you might only guess if the Guardian of Space helped the kitty to escape. We hope so!

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