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Spirit: No Face by Stranger bot

Humberto Barajas Bustamante A.K.A. "Stranger bot", is an multiple awards winning artist born in Guanajuato capital where he graduated with a Plastic Arts degree. In the recent years of his life, he has continually devoted himself to perfecting his technique, seeking the dissemination of his self-generated painting work in numerous art shows and competitions. Currently his works reside in private collections of Mexico, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Holland, Canada, Belgium, among others. Humberto’s art confronts figuration with the abstract, in forms and elements that suggest a function between the organic and inorganic, proposing the fusion of nature and technology, the human and the machine. All this wrapped in expressive strokes alluding to street art or graffiti, coexisting with more traditional styles such as illustration and tapestries. You cannot miss this skillful token!


With a gliding ballet step, far too poised and balanced for its weight, it moves into a sunlit arena warily. Its beautifully streight teeth are feeling the air, searching for cookies in the grocery shop.

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