Tiny Paper Things by Rubén del Pino Perales

Born in Madrid, Rubén del Pino travelled around Spain in order to obtain the best arts education. He studied in Zaragoza Academy of Arts and currently continues his training in Malaga. He has extensively worked as a books & articles illustrator. Some of his audiovisual works have been screened at video and storytelling festivals and participated in multiple exhibitions in his home country and abroad. Rubén is passionate about generating sketchy aesthetics and experimenting with image textures which he eventually makes an essential narrative element in his sublime, seemingly casual creations. He likes to play with viewer’s imaginary by exploring scenes of moderate violence which handle symbols such as electronics, worship and humor, without being explicit in any of the terms.


Minimal gestures and the paradox of the material - which value do we give to it as we build a fiction around it? The money and this small object are similar in material and size, but their symbolic meanings are opposite. While one generates distance, the other is a representation of union and brotherhood.
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