226 LSTELO - sour


Sour! by Lstelo

The colorful, flat graphic shapes and compositions of her optimistique illustrations of Lstelo graced Exquisite Corpse more than once. Lstelo or Lissette Lopez Pridemore is a versatile artist of Ecuadorian origin who currently resides in the city of Chicago, USA. Her first serious steps in illustration began in 2014 when at the age of 22 she exhibited her work in a gallery curated by Adidas in Quito, Ecuador. Lstelo’s bold and colorful portraits capture her subjects with verve and vitality that keeps her fans wanting more. The influence of her work comes from the hand of contemporary digital artists, expressionism and pop culture icons that she is exposed to on a daily basis. In the nearest future, she aims to find her voice in the world of digital art and in space.


Two citrus and sour fruits ready to walk around the block where they are unwelcome, even though they both just want peace and fun. Acid does not have to be synonymous with
bitter, it can also be sweet.
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