Voluntary Kidnapping by Clara Sprous

Clara S Prous was born in Barcelona in 1991, and has only changed cities once, and it was to turn. She usually spends her days painting in her studio, making videos, fanzines, comics and tattoos. With a degree in Illustration, she dived in the world of 3D and video-production and post-production. In 2018 she went to live in Liège, in Belgium, to work in an architecture studio, turning the architectural plan that she imagined on paper into the reality. Passionate about the illustration and her labour, Clara delivers the illustrations of a high visual impact. Inspired by the daily life, Clara’s production oscillates between complexity of elements and simplicity of forms, digital design and hand-made drawing.


When you do not feel like going out because the next day you have things to do, your friends mess with you and you are like "can't be, I am busy again" but you convience yourself that what you have to do the next day will take a quick moment. Then you go out and you convience yourself even more. And each moment it becomes a later night. The return home happens half an hour after the alarm sounds to wake you up.
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