Galaxy Club by Ana Bachiller

Ana Bachiller is a a highly driven and passionate digital artist and graphic designer specialized in 3D. With degrees in Design and Advertising Design and years of experience in the industry, today she has focused on projects related to the augmented reality which she successfully produces for the big national brands, music groups and influencers. In her artwork, Ana mixes the idyllic costumbrism of the golden age of advertising of the 50-60s with a fantastic and surreal aesthetic that does not belong to this world. Ana creates exquisitely detailed portraits, depictions of cosmos-scapes, and strange, otherworldly objects and artefacts, renowned for their unparalleled level of skill and originality. Make this super token yours!


There are dozens of drones in the room. Some playing, some watching, some talking to humans, a few in the formal, lattice-like arrangements which meant they were communicating by transceiver. She is the one who addressed to me. Common, sit down over my hands or on the corner of my misted glass of whisky. Cheers!
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