Cellula by Muertísima​

Fernanda Fierro is a Mexican illustrator and designer trained at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico City. Her work is characterized by the use of vibrant textures and radiant colors which give life to her multiple characters. Constantly seeking to adapt her style to the diverse mediums and to capture the way she feels and sees the world, she aims to connect with a spectator in a deep level. Fernanda signs under the name "Muertísima" and is excited about the idea of becoming one day inspiration for young creators like her.


A cell is the living element of the smallest size that makes up living beings. The human head as a central part of three cells. While that the two lower heads are different facets of the human. The upper skull and the tooth, structural and primordial elements for the life, are a symbol of a very dear someone.
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