Roarwave by Jenni Pasanen

Based in Helsinki, Jenni Pasanen graduated in Finland and Denmark in the Lahti University of Applied Sciences and at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK). She studied there the Graphic Design, but her longest self-studied career is art. She has been creating drawings, painting, sculptures and anything visual ever since she can remember. Jenni takes her inspiration from such artists as Thor Elias and currently works as a Motion Designer in Creative agency. Jenni is keen on animation, science, cosmos, nature, and very much in AI & GAN. In her personal works she is fond of creating collaborations between human intelligence and AI, generating images from words, combining the generated pieces with her own digital art, just like in this tremendous token.


Along golden network of his veins it fires run, wakes up the craving. Hehurles your heart to halt his pace quenching the thirst you squander blood. He eats, and still his need seeks food. Today his mind meets the machine. But can they create from limitations?
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