#361 Mecha Mate by Lucas Damian Cafiero

Lucas Damian Cafiero, also known as "Cafilucas", is a creative designer, focused on illustration and 2D animation. He studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he was exploring different styles of animation and also got closer to his second hobbie that is sound design and music. For about 6 years he has worked in different creative projects related to advertising spots, video clips, animation, animated, video games and social media. Cafilucas’s visuals wear the reduced monochromatic color palettes and take inspiration from the epic scenery, local traditions and pop culture iconography. The future dream project for Lucas would be to be able to combine his two great interests which are animation and music.


In Mecha Mate we will instil in your company a solid dose of new technologies and the most relaxing Yerba mate, thanks to which you will distance yourself from your competitors and gain new, delighted customers!
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