#115 Melvin

The Shepherd’s Stroke by Melvin Le Riboter

Melvin Le Riboter AKA "Melvin sur la table" is a Paris-based art director focused on design, visual arts and films, also a 3D former at Gobelins school, Paris, France. Initially studying graphic design, he finally started his motion journey at Gobelins school back in 2016 and fell in love with the relation between graphic design, animation and motion design. Nowadays, Melvin is exploring different styles and movements through various tools such as Maxon Cinema4D, OctaneRender, ZBrush and Adobe Creative Suite. His direction is bold and colorful, making stuff pump up the day. In the beginning of 2021, Melvin dropped into the metaverse and continues to chase the sun, today on board of "NFT to stay" mission.


Your thoughts, your ideas, your plan, your strategy - it is all in your head, like in a chess game. The mind twists every option, everything can happen, it is a non-fungible world. You used to play chess as a kid with your father, who is still playing it today. What a great legacy!
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