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Mente Abierta by Lau Santacana

Lau Santacana was born in 1980 in the city of Girona. He lives all his youth in a town in the Costa Brava called L’Escala. He spends his entire youth devouring Manga and Anime, and listening to Hardcorepunk records. He moved to study illustration at the Llotja school in Barcelona, and later did a
specialty of children's illustration at the Eina school. In his works he tries to represent what comes to his liking, without further pretense. And his influences would come from the entire manga and anime culture that marked his childhood.


The mixture of rust and blood inside the body, the open mind is concerned. It is anxious about the uncertain future that awaits it. Robotization, implants of the mechanics in the human being, many things!
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