#336 Complete Silence by Layla

César Salazar, AKA "Layla" is one of the youngest illustrators on board of Exquisite Workers. His work stands out for the use of attractive color combinations and the dynamics of the human figure that appeal to young audiences. Layla’s biggest inspiration lays in sport and in the stylized human figure representations by Tommy Parker, Sua Balac, Makugwapu, Juliaon Roels, Dom Scruffy Murphy, artists that he admires. César got his training at the Leandre Cristòfol Municipal School of Fine Arts in Lleida, Catalonia, and then complemented a higher degree in illustration with the graphic design. Introverted by nature, he is in a constant search for the new creative challenge and eager to be on Mars!


Asuka is thrown into chaos and despair. A 14-year-old girl got infected by some unknown ancient living organisms during her fight against Armaros on the Moon. Will she survive and be okey? Lets her float today in the dream-like bright colors!
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