Broken Rue by Matías Zapata

Matías Zapata is an Argentine graphic designer based in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. Beyond his profession, he is also an illustrator, motion grapher, video editor and 3D modeler. Matías has been exploring the universe of digital illustration since 2014 and digresses the milestones of different artistic movements, to give his creative work a twist with a focus on pop culture. Matías loves drawing illustrations populated with characters that are mysterious and melancholic and has tender feelings for colors and refining details and techniques to the max. In order to represent an unobjective reality, he describes all the nuances of sensations, through faces, eyes, mouths, just like in this awesome token.


Rue suffers from the dependance on the opioid narcotics. We are not seeing the consequencesmof it. What we are seeing is how she tries to communicate where comes that dependence from. It is about being broken and feeling the lack of love.
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