352 ANNA ORO ✅

#352 Playing with cosmo by Anna Oro

Anna Oro graduated at IUAV University of Venice and now lives between Venice and Turin illustrating her daily life. Anna's natural drawing talent has allowed her a diverse client base in graphic design and illustration in Italy and Portugal. Interested in the relationship between object and the 2D image and its connection to different modes of storytelling Anna playfully represents joyful human characters with ice-creams, plants, cats and fruits. Their big tall legs make them walk, run and dance. In her soft colorful works she is searching for simple compositions and the perfect color balance. Might she happily find some non-existent colors for her palette on Mercury?


Astronauts are playing in the universe with cosmo’s elements. They are curious, happy and free, attracted by all the shapes and colors that surround them. It seems sometimes that it is better to escape to and have some fun. Or maybe there is no need to go so far to be happy?
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